Port of Manitowoc

Details on big Navy contract involving Manitowoc & Broadwind

August 23, 2020

Some encouraging news continues to unfold for the lakeshore economy as it relates to Manitowoc and Broadwind Industries. 

There are four key actions in a multi-million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy to build up to seven massive cranes, locally, to aid in work on nuclear submarines at Naval shipyards.  Steve Waisanen, President of Konecranes Nuclear Equipment & Services in New Berlin, tells SeehaferNews.com the $410-million deal is made possible by a land lease with the Allie family at the City Centre site along the river so they’d have a place to build the 140 and 170 ton cranes next to the water. 

The other key pieces include having Broadwind as a key supplier of large fabrications requiring machining the land owner applying for and receiving a Harbor Assistance Program grant to make improvements to the property enabling them to load-out and ship the 3-million pound equipment, and meeting a requirement of shipping a large Jib through the Great Lakes and up the St. Lawrence Seaway with a height restriction of 116.5 feet. 

As for the impact on employment, Waisanen said “near term, the increase is 38 people, just for the Manitowoc area with an increase for many subcontractors in the state as well.”   He added the current contracts could take them out 10 years from now, and double or triple the number of jobs, as the demand increases for more resources.