Port of Manitowoc


Konecranes Giving Manitowoc Economy a Boost

An International company is giving the Manitowoc economy a lift, Konecranes is a crane builder that manufactures structures for shipyards, ports, and terminals.

Konecranes has started a multi-million-dollar project. Peter Wills from Project Lakeshore, described the project in Manitowoc to SeehaferNews.com, saying “There is a $55-million, 170-ton crane being built that is going to be significantly sized, this ginormous crane will be sent out to the East coast and used to lift submarines.” 

The construction is taking place on the peninsula near Broadwind Towers, and Wills says getting this project going has been a team effort. He explained, “It was a big collaboration that started last year, to get a grant, to strengthen and put pilings in to improve the harbor area.” 

As this structure rises near the river, the skyline of downtown Manitowoc may look a little different.  “Kind of a unique thing being built in Manitowoc,” Wills sated. “Hopefully there is opportunity for a few more. But, as this gets built, it should be something you will see from quite a distance.

Konecranes posted $3.32 billion in sales last year. The Group has around 18,000 employees in 50 countries.

Seehafer News